Co-funded by the Erasmus+ Programme of the European Union


Globally, rural areas are suffering from outmigration as a result of low income and often unfavorable living conditions. This contrasts with the importance of rural areas in preserving cultural identity, environmental conditions and at the same time maintaining a high and lasting level of production at a time of continued and in terms of numbers unprecedented global population growth and associated demand for food and other resources. Rural development therefore is an issue that needs more attention, more public support, more funding and more professionals trained to handle the challenges and deal with complex issues at the interface between agronomy, society, economy and ecology. Professionals that act today, but are aware of the necessity to consider future needs in today’s planning and activities. Professionals that think beyond short term profit of single entities! The  education system in Russia didn’t have experience in training the specialists of this kind, otherwise international experience is used due to the needs rising. International project on training the specialists on sustainable rural development can serve as an example of this contribution.

Projects on training the specialists on sustainable rural development have own history. Project RUDECO has become a starting point in designing and development of further training programs for civil servants and experts from regional and local authorities engaged in implementation of strategy on sustainable development of rural areas.

SARUD project aimed at development and launching Master-program with the profile “Sustainable agriculture and rural development” in agricultural institutions of Russia.