Co-funded by the Erasmus+ Programme of the European Union

Backstopping training for SARUD partners took place in ULAN-UDE

Multiple activities were conducted from June 29 th to July 3rd at the Buryat state academy of agriculture named after V. Philippov, Russia.

The following major events took place: the Conference “Agrotourism in sustainable rural development”, Round Table “Factors of Sustainable Rural Development” and several thematic sessions, namely the Role of Gastronomy in Rural Tourism Development, Agrotourism, Marketing of ecological and regional products and Rural Economy. Furthermore, the participants had an opportunity to visit the ethnic complex “Steppe Nomads” (village Atsagat, Zaigraevsky rayon), Atsagat datsan (small Buddhist temple), Agvan Dorzhiev museum and to experience national traditions of local communities such as a welcome ceremony (Utamzha) from the Steppe Nomads. Excursion to a farm “Bugutur” were organised to introduce training participants to the practical examples of rural development at the Republic of Buryatia. The farm with its three main divisions: crop, livestock and processing of agricultural products as well as own cafe and shops, where milk, meat and other products are delivered and sold is a best practice example for diversification of rural economy.

The backstopping visit in Ulan-Ude is hold as one of the sequence of backstopping visits on the Sustainable Rural Development related topics within the SARUD project.

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