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SARUD joint publication was presented at the International Conference on Efficiency and Responsibility in Education

SARUD joint publication entitled: “SARUD – a project for implementation of master studies in Russia and Kazakhstan”

presented during the International Conference on Efficiency and Responsibility in Education (ERiE) and organized by the Czech University of Life Sciences Prague in Prague, Czech Republic, from 7th June to 8th June 2018. The oral presentation was hold by the corresponding author, project partner from Warsaw University of Life Sciences, Poland, Dr hab., prof. SGGW Axel Schwerk. The joint paper was published in the ERIE International Conference 2018 Proceedings.

The ERiE conference is organised annually and covers topics on Theory and Methodology of Pedagogy and Education, Information and Knowledge in Lifelong Education and Training, ICT in Education, Responsibility in Education, Ethical Issues, and much more.

Конференция ERIE проходит ежегодно и рассматривает темы теории и методологии педагогики и образования, информации и знания в образовании на протяжении всей жизни, использование информационно-коммуникационных технологий в образовании, ответственность в образовании, этические вопросы и многое другое.

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